Configure Anaxi for your needs and workflow

There are 3 important ways with which you can customize Anaxi to your needs and workflow:
   1.  You can organize reports in folders
   2. You can edit reports as you see fit
   3. You can manage your deadlines

You can organize reports in folders
You can consider a report similar to a quick access, in the sense that it is just a starting point. You can play with the data, add some filters, change the sorting as well. After you edit the settings, either you just leave the report and the report will have the same settings the next time, or you can choose to save the new settings and overwrite the previous one or create a new report.

You can edit reports as you see fit
You may have noticed that reports have color indicators. When a report has an alarming state, the report will be displayed in red. Its color will be replicated in its enclosing folder, if any. In this way, users can identify reports requiring their attention at a glance. Healthy status is indicated in green and caution in orange giving users an overall view of status at a glance.

What about deadlines?
You can link report with deadlines and configure the color indicators with these deadlines. This way, Anaxi can display in red a report listing the remaining blocker bugs for a deadline if the deadline is approaching fast.

You can manage your deadlines
There will be other ways to configure Anaxi, such as team management.

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